The Ins and Outs of Refinancing a Liquor License

How Do I Refinance a Liquor License?

With 2020 being difficult for businesses and restaurants across Florida, 2021 seems to be a much better year. With events starting back up again, business owners are finally on their way to making money again. 

Unfortunately, debt or late payments incurred from the previous year may make paying for a liquor license a bit difficult. Even if liquor is a huge source of profit for a business, a license’s cost may be difficult for a company to justify. 

Thankfully, there is a way for business owners to hang onto a liquor license and get cash for any necessary business expenses. Refinancing a liquor license might be the best course of action for businesses looking to keep their license and get the money they need to run their businesses.

Refinancing allows a business to:

  • Make smaller liquor license payments over an extended time
  • Get cash for other necessary expenses
  • Recover from a downturn in finances

Why Refinance a Liquor License?

Liquor licenses are a great way to keep income flowing for your business or restaurant. With plenty of sporting events and drinking holidays just around the corner, there has never been a better time to refinance a liquor license. 

With May swiftly approaching, there are plenty of holidays and events that can help a business increase its profits. We’ve listed a few of the significant events to look forward to as summer rolls around:

  • Kentucky Derby 
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Summer Holidays
  • Nationwide NASCAR Races
  • 4th of July

Businesses that see good profit returns from their liquor sales but need a bit of extra cash on hand may want to consider refinancing. Refinancing can be a way to get a business out of debt while allowing a business owner to afford their license.

Liquor licenses can be expensive but sometimes necessary for a business or restaurant. If there are significant returns from alcohol sales but not enough to negate 2020’s debt, it may be best to refinance. If sales are increasing, refinancing can be a vital step to giving a business the little push it needs to profit. 

Are There Risks to Refinancing?

Of course, there are some risks to refinancing a liquor license. Owners should be confident that their liquor license is worth its overall cost before proceeding with refinancing. Businesses that are losing too much money to afford liquor license fees might not want to refinance. 

If you’re planning on refinancing, you should be aware of the following potential risks:

  • Higher interest rates
  • Could impact business’ credit score

Was 2020 Too Hard for Your Business?

If 2020 was too hard to justify refinancing your business’s liquor license, there are still other ways for you to make ends meet. There are many solutions to get back up and running for companies that are struggling too much to benefit from their liquor license.

At Liquor License Professional, we offer many routes to turn a liquor license into profit. 

If you feel the refinancing risk is too high, we provide additional services that may suit your business’s needs better. 

Here are just a few of the services we offer our customers:

  • Selling a Liquor License
  • Business Consulting

Selling a Liquor License

Liquor licenses are in high demand and short supply in Florida, meaning that it may be best to sell if a business isn’t benefiting from their license. Selling could give a company the extra money it needs to make ends meet.

Liquor licenses are expensive, and if a business isn’t seeing great returns, it is most likely best to sell. Licenses are often challenging to come by, so selling a license might bring a business a higher cash value than expected. 

There is also the added benefit of providing another business owner with the ability to sell liquor, allowing both you and the other business to profit off the same liquor license. 

Selling a Liquor License With Liquor License Professional

At Liquor License Professional, we can mediate the buying and selling process. We’ll act as a third party between you and another establishment, making the liquor license transfer process simple and efficient.

If you don’t have another establishment in mind, we can still help you. We can purchase liquor licenses from any business, providing a fast, easy way to obtain necessary funds. Since we are liquor license market experts, we can help provide the best value for a liquor license to start to turn a profit. 

If we purchase a liquor license, we will hold onto it until another business expresses interest in buying it. Once the company is ready to move forward, we will sell them your old license. This practice ensures that someone is always using a liquor license rather than it sitting unused.

Hospitality Consulting

Sometimes, a business may need a complete overhaul and refresh to start turning a profit. This change of pace has become increasingly common in 2021. This year, many companies have either expanded or changed their audiences entirely, completely adjusting their business model in the process. 

At Liquor License Professional, we understand that owning a business is a dynamic, fluid process. Whether a company is first starting or has existed for years, it can sometimes be best to adjust a business model to ensure maximum profit. 

Hospitality Consulting With Liquor License Professional

We offer comprehensive hospitality consulting that can help your business determine whether a restructure is necessary. Our knowledgeable team will look over a business’s overall structure, pinpointing particular strengths and weaknesses. This service can help any business, as sometimes having a third party evaluate a company can determine where change may be necessary to drive a profit. 

Hospitality consulting isn’t just for successful businesses; any company can benefit from it. Hospitality business consultation can help any business adapt to new trends and markets. Consulting is beneficial whether a business wishes to remain relevant or tackle new demands. 

Suppose 2020 and any of the hardships associated with it made you rethink your current business model or want to tackle a new industry. In that case, hospitality consultation might be a significant next step for your company.

Contact Liquor License Professional

Whether you’re gearing up for summer by refinancing your liquor license or planning on selling your license to turn a profit, Liquor License Professional can help you every step of the way. 

With over 30 years of experience in the liquor license and hospitality industries, it’s safe to say our team knows the ins and outs of Florida liquor licenses. 

Our direct experience in the hospitality industry can help your business start turning a profit from your liquor license this year. We always strive to help business owners create the business they’ve envisioned by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

To receive more info about what we offer, contact us by calling (321) 274-7104 or (386) 222-9668. Establishments and their Owners can also reach us by sending an email to

Get Ready for Summer Break!

indoor bar

March 2021 brought growth back to Florida bars, nightclubs and restaurants, as travelers and locals enjoyed Spring Break with its multiple events. There isn’t a better time to obtain a liquor license and enjoy Florida than in the spring; between January and throughout the entire summer break, there are many opportunities to turn your business’s profits from red to black.

Spring Break 2021 showed bar, nightclubs and restaurant owners that Florida is officially back in business. Especially compared to last Spring Break, bars, nightclubs and restaurants thrived this year. This upward trend won’t stop at Spring Break, either. With Florida considered one of the top vacation excitement destinations in the United States, there will be many opportunities to continue turning a profit, even after Spring Break. 

What To Look Forward To

May is swiftly approaching, and with it comes a plethora of summertime holidays that your bar, nightclub or restaurant shouldn’t miss. May is just the start of all of the excellent opportunities for your business. 

Summer events your bar, nightclub or restaurant won’t want to miss:

  • The Kentucky Derby
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • 4th of July
  • Summer Holidays

May is Just Around the Corner

The Kentucky Derby kicks off on May 1, which will kick off Florida’s summer with a bang. Despite not taking place in Florida, the Kentucky Derby is a highly-televised and top-rated event. Many people across the country bet on competing thoroughbreds; Florida is no exception. The event will drive a lot of traffic to sports bars and restaurants, as people gather to watch the event with friends over drinks. 

Soon after the Kentucky Derby is Cinco de Mayo, which is a massive celebration throughout Florida. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration commemorating the Mexican Army’s victory during the Battle of Puebla in 1862. 

While different from Mexican Independence Day on September 16, Cinco de Mayo is recognized as a way to get together with friends and celebrate. It is an important day for any bar or restaurant owner to prepare for, as well. Since it is celebrated worldwide during the start of Florida’s summer, expect both travelers and locals to be participating in Cinco de Mayo festivities. 

Summer comes near the end of May for students in Orange County. Other counties in Florida end the school year, as well. With school out for the summer, many families will start making their vacation plans for the summer. Even families outside of Florida will undoubtedly begin making plans to travel here, which is why bars, restaurants, and hotels should be ready for summer.

Was 2020 Too Hard for Your Business?

Despite the success from Spring Break 2021, your business still might be in the red from 2020’s drop. Thankfully, for companies that have been struggling, there is a solution. Selling or Refinancing a liquor license could help your business get the money it needs to operate successfully and renew itself.

At Liquor License Professionals, we offer many ways to turn your liquor license into a profit for your business. May and summer vacation are the perfect time for restaurants to maximize their profits and regenerate. If you feel that the risk is too high, we are happy to offer you other services that might fit your business’s needs better:

  • Refinance a Liquor License
  • Sell a Liquor License
  • Business Consulting

Not everyone needs a liquor license. Sometimes it’s okay to accept that and restructure a business. At Liquor License Professionals, we can help establishments understand that.

Refinance a License

Sometimes, the liquor license itself can be a factor that puts a business into the red. Even if your business is making money from liquor sales, it might not still be enough to cover the initial cost of the liquor license. Liquor licenses are, in fact, expensive, which makes them hard for many businesses to successfully afford them.

Thankfully, we offer refinancing options for liquor licenses, which will allow your business to get the extra cash it may need, all while maintaining your liquor license. Refinancing is an excellent option for businesses looking to keep their liquor license, despite its cost.

Sell a License

If full liquor hasn’t helped your business turn a soli profit, then the best option might be to sell the liquor license altogether. If your business is on the verge of closing, selling the liquor license might be the best way to gain some capital to restructure.

Selling your liquor license would be a way for another business owner to get a chance to sell full liquor. Since licenses are often difficult to come by, selling your liquor license may bring you a higher cash value than you realize.

At Liquor License Professionals, we can mediate the buying and selling process, acting as a third-party between you and another establishment. 

If you don’t have another establishment in mind, don’t worry. We have the ability to purchase your liquor license and provide a fast, easy way to obtain funds needed. We are liquor license market experts, and we’ll help provide the best value for a liquor license so your business can turn a profit, moving forward.

Hospitality Business Consulting

Sometimes a business doesn’t need to refinance or sell its liquor license; it needs a complete overhaul and refresh. This is increasingly common nowadays, with many companies having to restructure to match the fluctuating ever changing market. 

If your business needs support during the restructuring process, Liquor License Professionals is here to help. We offer hospitality consulting, effective in pinpointing weaknesses or strengths in your business. Sometimes, having a third-party evaluate your business can help point out where change might be necessary to drive a profit. 

Even successful businesses can benefit from consulting. Hospitality business consultation can help a business adapt to new trends and markets, allowing it to stay relevant. 

Contact Liquor License Professionals

Whether you’re getting ready for May and buying a liquor license, selling or refinancing one, or need hospitality business consulting, Liquor License Professionals is here to help. We know the ins and outs of Florida liquor licenses being a trusted source with over 30 years of industry experience, using our knowledge of the hospitality industry to help businesses obtain a liquor license and create the business they have envisioned.

To receive more info about what we offer, contact us by calling (321) 274-7104 or (386) 222-9668. Establishments and their Owners can also reach us by sending an email to

Ready For March Madness?

March Madness is here. One of the most significant drinking months of the year has arrived. While 2020 may have been a rough year for many businesses that made their money from alcohol sales in March, this year will be different with much of the state of Florida open and ready.

March 2020 was a dark period for many businesses because they had to watch as customers fled to their homes. Shutdowns happened all over the country, leading to the cancellation of massive events like the NCAA Tournament. These shutdowns even forced a handful of businesses to shut their doors.

However, March 2021 is looking up. The NCAA Tournament is going to happen, launching off a whole month’s worth of customers walking into bars to watch games. With bars open and games on TV, we’re going to see our usual Spring Break full of students coming to the state to blow off steam from school. This March Madness is an opportunity for the bounce-back that many establishments have been wanting for quite some time.

Take Advantage of March

Businesses are going to be using March Madness to their advantage. They’ll get everyone to their establishments to start earning a profit, making this month a prime opportunity to flip profits from the red into the black. The events that many of these establishments will be leaning on are:

  • The NCAA Tournament
  • Spring Break
  • St. Patrick’s Day

All of these can be considered unofficial drinking holidays and bring massive crowds to the Florida area. Even with events like the NCAA Tournament physically happening in Indiana, that doesn’t mean there won’t be parties or celebrations. These events are going to be taking place across all of Florida. Use this as an advantage and bring in the profits.

Is That Still Not Enough?

Unfortunately, March might not be enough for some establishments. For many, 2020 was too large a money sink to recover from, and others are discovering that the profits of a liquor license aren’t making up for losses. In these scenarios, it’s essential to understand the options available.

At Liquor License Professionals, we offer ways to turn your license into a profit. March should be the opportunity many establishments have been waiting for to make profits. If it’s looking like that won’t be the case, then use this as the opportunity to:

  • Refinance a License
  • Sell a License
  • Seek Out Hospitality Business Consulting

Not everyone needs a liquor license. Sometimes it’s okay to accept that and restructure a business. At Liquor License Professionals, we can help establishments understand that.

Refinance a License

For some businesses, the license itself is the cost is where the money sink is coming from. These licenses are expensive, and sometimes that means re-financing is necessary. Our re-financing services will help struggling businesses restructure their licenses so they’re more affordable, or if the license has gone up in value, it can lead to a rise in funds.

Sell a License

When business is struggling and an establishment needs a burst in profits, selling a license may be for the best. Whether that business is shutting its doors for good or needs to restructure the company, selling is the perfect way to earn back some capital.

At Liquor License Professionals, we assist with the sales process. We buy the license ourselves or, or we’ll find another establishment that is seeking to purchase a license. For establishments that choose the latter, we assist them with the mediation process. We’re experts in this field and understand the market better than anyone. We always find sale prices that are fair in value.

Hospitality Business Consulting

Some establishments don’t need to refinance or sell a license, they simply need to restructure how the business itself functions. These businesses typically struggle due to poor business practices and can fix these bad habits with some hard work and consultation.  

Liquor License Professionals offers hospitality consulting to assist establishments in discovering where their weaknesses lie. Sometimes the only way a business can succeed is by bringing in a third-party to point out where necessary improvements. 

Seeking out improvement shouldn’t only be for struggling establishments either. Even the most successful businesses are always seeking out ways to get better. Allow our consulting services to assist with this. 

Trust Liquor License Professionals

Want to know more about acquiring a liquor license in Florida? Then go through our team at Liquor License Professionals. Nobody understands the laws of each license better than we do. Our competitors will say they know the rules, but all they do is point clients in the wrong direction. Liquor License Professionals’ more significant expertise in this field makes us far more trustworthy.

For over 30 years, we have been providing knowledge and expertise in the hospitality industry. Businesses tell us their goals, and we help them reach them.

For some establishments, those goals are to be profitable in 2021. By providing liquor license services in Florida, we can assist with that. 

Contact Us

The madness of March is here, and it’s an exciting time for everyone. However, for some, this is just another month in the red, and restructuring is critical. Sometimes that’s selling a license, re-financing to potentially save costs, or using our hospitality business consulting. No matter the business’s choice, we’re here to help.

To receive more info about what we offer, contact us either by calling (321) 274-7104 or (386) 222-9668. Establishments and their owners can also reach us by sending an email to; 

Liquor License Catering For Events


Are you preparing to cater for one of the major events happening in Florida? As 2020 comes to an end and 2021 begins we are seeing a resurgence of large scale events. Many of the events that were originally cancelled or delayed are trying to make up for missed time and revenues. Many others are trying to make sure the plans they originally scheduled .will go forward.

This means there’s going to be a huge need for catered services throughout Florida and with that need comes wants. At any large scale Florida gathering there is an expectation that some form of alcoholic beverage will be available for purchase. Of course, you can’t just show up to these events with alcoholic beverages for sale and call it a day. There are rules that need to be followed. You’ll need the proper license.

At Liquor License Professionals we can assist you in getting the license you need to make sure these catered events go off the way they should. With a cold drink in everyone’s hands and money in your pockets. Florida in particular will need to prepare for all the events that are on the way.

Events such as:

  • The Super Bowl
  • Race Week
  • Bike Week
  • Sebring Race
  • And a host of others

All of these major Florida events can spark the need. Sure, everyone attending the Super Bowl is going to be able to get drinks inside the stadium, but what about everyone attending the events around the Super Bowl. Restaurants hosting outdoor parties, businesses that want to host outside special appearance events. These events typically need catering and alongside that they want to serve alcoholic beverages. 

What Do I Need To Sell Alcoholic Beverages for a Catered Event?

To sell alcohol at these events you are in need of either a Quota Liquor License or a 13CT Liquor License. Either liquor license at a catered event allows caterers to sell and distribute all types of alcoholic drinks, but the “licensee also must provide food. Your would be unable to sell or distribute alcoholic beverages without these licenses, eliminating one of the most important benefit factors from your menu. Without the right to sell or serve alcoholic beverages, you are at a distinct disadvantage to rivals in your business at the events.

A Quota Liquor License or a Catering Liquor License requires a couple of things within the business operation or the application requirements. Let Liquor License Professionals assist you in the requirements for success.  

Why do you need a Liquor License?

A Quota or 13CT Catering  Liquor License in Florida allows businesses or caterers to sell and distribute all types of alcoholic beverage drinks at events, where the “licensee also must provide food. Your business or catering company would be unable to sell or distribute alcohol without these licenses, eliminating one of the most important benefit factors from your menu. Without the right to sell or serve alcohol, in your offering you are at a distinct disadvantage to rivals in your business and at the event.

Why Sell Alcoholic Beverages At All?

When was the last time you went to a Super Bowl party and didn’t’ find any beer? Is it even possible to think of bike week without a cold alcoholic beverage in hand? You can absolutely cater to the events surrounding these without alcohol, but you are missing out on a potential money making opportunity in the process.

Catering with alcoholic beverages is an opportunity for major profit gain. Opportunities like the Super Bowl don’t come around very often and yearly events like Race Week or Bike Week can be your biggest profit gain of the year. You need to take advantage of these when you can.

Do so through Liquor License Professionals. If you’re struggling to find a Quota Liquor License or a Catering Liquor License to provide alcoholic beverages at a event then let us handle it for you. We can either find you someone selling a Quota Liquor License or provide you one that we happen to have available. Call us an we can give you the details on your new liquor license for alcoholic beverages!

About Liquor Licence Professionals

We are a team of full-service liquor license brokers located in Orlando, Florida working for you throughout Florida . At Liquor License Professionals, we can assist you in acquiring a liquor license for catered events and all your needs. With over 30 years in the Hospitality Industry, we are aware of the pitfalls one can experience in this ever-changing process. 

We understand that the requirements of the liquor license industry are complex and can be difficult to maneuver. We strive to make sure that these requirements do not stop you from taking your catering business to the next level. Partner with Liquor License Professionals for hands-on assistance from a team of professionals with years of experience in the hospitality industry, liquor license acquisition and placement. As a Trusted Source in Florida, our priority is the success and satisfaction of our clients with their business goals kept in mind. 

Contact us today for assistance with obtaining a Quota Liquor License or Catering Liquor License for upcoming catered events.


Getting Started with Liquor License in Florida

Starting with your Liquor License in Florida

Residents and visitors especially in Florida want to go out and have fun. This suggests that alcohol is a big attraction for restaurants and clubs in Florida. As such, many company owners are looking to invest in a license for liquor. A license allows you to sell beer, wine, or liquor, based on the type of alcohol you plan to have at your place of business.

If you intend to sell only beer or wine, it would be reasonably easy to get a liquor license. A kit license or merely a consumption-on-premise license may be issued. You will get a special restaurant alcoholic beverage license if you own a restaurant and obtain much of your revenue from cooking, but choose to sell drinks as well. You can sell beer, wine, and liquor with this certificate as long as it is eaten on the premises.


There is something you need to reconsider if you plan on supplying hard liquor such as whisky, vodka, or scotch. At this present moment, none of these permits are available from the Alcoholic Drinks and Tobacco Section. Only as the population of a Florida county raises their resident count will new licenses become eligible. This means that in order to win the right to apply for this license, you have to enter a lottery.

There are very expensive quota permits. A one-time charge and a recurring fee must be charged by you. Your only other choice is to purchase an existing one from someone who might be out of business or who does not want to sell alcohol at their establishment anymore.

Process for Getting a Liquor License

The process is very straightforward. You must fill out an application for a license, which is available from the Alcoholic Drinks and Tobacco Branch. In person, you can pick up an application, get one sent to you, or have one online. Make sure you absolutely fill it out and pay the fees that are necessary. The costs vary according to the county and the kind of alcohol you expect to see. It can cost as little as a few hundred dollars or as much as a few thousand dollars to pay the annual tax. You can mail it in or hand-deliver it to a local licensing bureau until the application is complete.

Completed licenses must be approved within three months, but you could obtain your license even earlier if you obey all the guidelines on the paperwork and the license is not complicated. 

Read more on key factors that influence alcohol licenses

For businesses looking to distribute alcohol in Florida, there are several kinds of liquor licenses available. It is important that you not only choose the correct certificate but also consider the procedures and expenditures involved. If there are no new licenses available, you might have to obtain a license from a current owner. 

Professional Liquor License Broker

With the help of a professional liquor license broker, you will quickly be able to navigate the treacherous processes that the hospitality industry has become infamous for. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are a wealth of knowledge and expertise in operating and licensing. Allow us to understand your business goals as you have envisioned them, and let us help you achieve them. Liquor License Professionals a Trusted Source to help you buy your liquor license in Florida. Call now to get started.

Liquor License For Brevard County, Florida

Liquor License For Brevard County, Florida

This helpful guide will help you manage the Brevard County Florida Liquor License process whether you are thinking about starting a new company or relocating to Brevard County Florida and want to sell alcohol. Even if you’re living in Brevard County, Florida, but want to extend your programs, make sure you’re setting yourself up for progress before you even start the application form. There are some important things to remember that will help to seamlessly run the start-up process. 

Beginning the process for liquor license applications

Each municipal jurisdiction within Florida (cities and counties) will have its own unique rules and standards for liquor licenses that may require additional applications to be filed within the municipality that has jurisdiction over your intended venue. You’ll need multiple forms of paperwork to acquire a liquor license when you continue the application process. At the state and local level, these forms are consistent, so that they will work for each county you are trying to operate in. Be sure you provide the following pieces of paperwork before beginning an application: 

  • Approval of municipal zoning
  • Fingerprinting 
  • For all principals, social security numbers, phone numbers, and emails, personal records.
  • Any records of crime
  • Occupancy Right
  • Control contracts
  • Floor plan sketch for the establishment
  • Sales and Use tax registration from the Department of Revenue of Florida
  • Registration form number from the state of Florida
  • Identification Number of the federal employer

Choosing the Right Liquor License

It can be difficult to negotiate the endless number of available permits. You will help decide the right form of license for your establishment by contacting an expert at Liquor License Specialists. And if your company only serves on-site beer and wine, you can have market growth ideas that involve multiple forms of alcohol sales for the future. It could be more fitting from the get-go to pick a permit that helps the organization to grow and adapt rather than reapplying for a new license down the road.

Brevard County Liquor License Professional

Here at Liquor License Professional, we are waiting by and able to assist until this paperwork has been compiled and the application has been filled out. Before sending your submission, let us know if you have questions. 

The Florida Division of Alcoholic Drinks and Tobacco provides a wide range of available licenses and permits for alcoholic beverages. Based on the kind of organization you manage, these permits differ. We are here to help you save time and concentrate on your job, events, and ads, regardless of what kind of license your Brevard County Florida business needs. Today, contact us.

How to get a Liquor License in Florida

How to get a Liquor License in Florida

You may have considered buying a Florida Liquor License for your establishment as a Florida business owner. If you are not familiar with or do not have the necessary assistance from a licensed liquor license brokerage company, this method can be confusing. In Florida, the first step in securing your liquor license is to decide what kind of liquor license you require for your business activities. 

Types of Licenses

In Florida, there are officially seven forms of liquor licenses open to persons interested in running a retail liquor store. The price and what it takes to get them can vary from these permits, so they are the basics you should remember. Here are the offered licenses:

  1. A General License is classified as license number one. This license is normally reserved for activities of municipal, state, and federal governments. You do not require permission to sell alcohol in other jurisdictions, so you must get one if you reside in Florida. For both single-store operations and restaurant operations, general licenses are necessary. You would need to fill out an application with a list of specifications to purchase this license.
  2. The second license is considered the License for a Restaurant. This is the perfect choice if you are planning on opening a restaurant in Florida. A license for a restaurant includes a restaurant, a dining space, and certain seating tables. 
  3. The third license is classified as a Casino License. This is the best one if you are planning to set up a casino or an amusement park in Florida. In order to ensure that your approval satisfies the criteria, a casino license allows you to own the land where you want to operate your casino and obtain a construction permit.
  4. A Private Club License will be the fourth license. Within a certain system, this form of license enables you to run a club.
  5. A Private Event License is our fifth license. This is for things including proms, weddings, and other social events. You can obtain a Private Event Certificate to use as collateral if you are going to rent the event venue for these occasions. There is also, though, a provision for you to have a professional event planner on hand. This is the most common type of license for persons who are intending to operate an actual shop for them. 
  6. License number six is a Private Party License. For marriages, bachelor parties, and other small events, this is great. Such licenses require you to have your location and all the facilities you need to operate the shop. They also expect you to have at least three full-time staff who can run the registry.
  7. The seventh license is known as the Liquor Board of Government. In most cities and counties throughout the world, you can find these. These licenses allow you to only operate retail sales of liquor at specified locations. 

Lastly, you can obtain a Private Specialty License. This allows you to sell certain types of alcoholic beverages in your home or business, depending on what you purchase from your supplier and the laws surrounding the sale.

How to obtain a liquor license in Florida

Once you have done your research on the specific requirements of a liquor license in Florida and determined which type of liquor license is best for your establishment, you can begin the process of obtaining one. While some licenses can be obtained relatively easily, you will need professional help from an experienced liquor license broker to buy a Florida liquor license quickly and smoothly. Liquor License Professional will guide you through your liquor license purchasing process, or liquor license acquisition, through the following steps.

  1. Determine whether your liquor license needs purchasing, or if it can be obtained from the state directly
  2. Purchase your Florida Liquor License from a business that is selling theirs. 
  3. Apply for your license through the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

Whether an establishment is going out of business, is changing its business model, or just no longer wishes to sell alcohol, there are several avenues you can take as a business owner to purchase a Florida Liquor License. With the help of a professional liquor license broker, you will quickly be able to navigate the treacherous processes that the hospitality industry has become infamous for. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are a wealth of knowledge and expertise in operating and licensing. Allow us to understand your business goals as you have envisioned them, and let us help you achieve them. Liquor License Professionals a Trusted Source to help you buy your liquor license in Florida. Call now to get started.

Financing a Liquor License in Florida

Financing a Liquor License in Florida

Whether you are looking for a new business opportunity or want to know where to get financing, you may be considering financing a liquor license in Florida. Do not think that this is going to be a simple process and will require you to go to a bank or other financial institution to seek a loan. Instead, it is much more convenient to look online and obtain loans at some of the various lenders that provide loans for the different types of businesses and industries in Florida. 

Florida Liquor Licenses Financing

The first step is to determine whether you will need a loan for this venture. You should do some research on your own and get some advice from people in the same situation. If you are new in business, you can consult with others to get some idea about the financing options available to you and how you can decide your particular situation.

Once you have determined if you will need to get a loan to start up your liquor store business, it is time to begin the process of finding lenders who specialize in this type of business. Make sure you understand all the fine print associated with any loan you are interested in obtaining, as there is plenty of detail to read. You may want to find an attorney that specializes in business law to help you navigate this process.

Next, you will want to gather your loan application information and send it to various lenders. The lender you select will use your loan application to assess your qualifications for a loan and what type of liquor store business you have to offer. You can go online and fill out a loan application, or you can contact the lender directly. The lender will determine if they want to work with you based on your credit score, business type, and payment history.

In most cases, the lender will only lend you money if they feel that you meet the qualifications needed to obtain a liquor license. You may find that the lender requires you to submit the necessary documentation before they will even consider lending you money. Be prepared to supply them with copies of your tax returns, copies of your liquor store business tax return, copies of your business’ licenses, and many other types of documents that will show your qualification for a liquor license. Once you complete the paperwork, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with an experienced lender who knows what he is doing when it comes to financing a liquor license in Florida

Get the Right Liquor License in Florida 

The licensing process will be determined by the type of license you desire to apply for. There are several different categories, so make sure you find out which category you fall under and what you need to do to obtain a liquor license. Each type has its requirements, so it is crucial to carefully consider the licensing requirements for the category you are applying to.

Once you have determined the license category that you fall under, you will be able to apply for your license, and you will be on your way to opening your doors.

What Kind of Business Can You Run With Your Florida Liquor License?

When you choose this type of license, you can choose whether or not to serve wine or alcohol. It can also be a bar/nightclub, and you will be able to offer some dancing and live music. If you want to be more creative and put together something unique, then you can start a restaurant or catering service.

If you open up a new restaurant, you can put your menu on it and add your name and decor. You will be able to get a lot of work done faster with this kind of license, and you will be responsible for everything. You will need to get permits from the city and pay taxes. It is essential to get a license before starting a restaurant because it makes things a little easier. Once you start making money and you have a good reputation, it will be much easier to open up a restaurant with a higher level of security. There is also a lot of room for growth with a small business such as a restaurant. You can expand with little effort and find more new customers. You will be able to make more money when you open up a restaurant that you know has plenty of customers.

How to Earn From Your Florida Liquor License?

You can have the ability to create a large client base and to make money that you have created from a restaurant. Even though you have to pay a little bit more for the restaurant licenses, it will pay off for you over time because of the higher income and the amount of money that you will be able to make when you run your business.

Take a good tip from someone successful and build a restaurant yourself. You can become the owner of your restaurant and enjoy the benefits of the rewards that you have made for yourself. The proper liquor license will give you many options for opening a business in Florida as you may wish to create your signature in the town. Alongside huge benefits, the license also offers the possibilities for financing that could be very lucrative in the future.