Buying or Selling For the Holidays: Which is Best For Your Business?

It can seem challenging to decide whether to buy or sell a liquor license, especially during the holiday season. With New Year just around the corner, many businesses are deciding to receive additional funding for their business. 

Whether a person decides to buy, sell or finance their liquor license, Liquor License Professionals can help. Our team of professionals would be happy to help ensure that the transaction goes smoothly so that clients can focus on running their restaurant or storefront. 

While there are benefits to buying, selling and financing a liquor license, we are happy to help our customers ensure a secure, smooth and timely transaction. 

Buying a Liquor License

With the holidays coming up quickly, there has never been a better time to buy a liquor license. Buying a license can help bring the additional business that may be needed to turn a profit. While New Year’s Eve is a great way to end your business’s Q1 with a bang, Race Week, Bike Week, Fantasy Fest, Saint Patrick’s Day and Grand Prix F-1 are other major events or holidays that businesses can look forward to in the coming new year. 

Buying a liquor license might seem complicated, but our team at Liquor License Professionals is here to ensure that transactions between you and the party you’re buying from or selling to go smoothly. Our team not only oversees the transaction process between you and another owner, but we also help ensure all of the necessary paperwork and documentation is in place, prepared properly. 

Selling a Liquor License

If a business has struggled and needs extra revenue to continue operating, selling their liquor license may be beneficial. 

Sometimes, depending on a business’s clientele or business model, liquor sales might be more of a detriment than a benefit. Thankfully, Liquor License Professionals can help your business sell its liquor license, giving you access to cash resources to continue funding your business.

Our team recommends selling your liquor license if:
  • Liquor sales have decreased significantly over the months
  • Profits have turned into the red rather than in the black
  • The expense of operating with a liquor license has eaten into other aspects of the business

At Liquor License Professionals, we understand that a liquor license may not fit into specific business models. Sometimes, a liquor license can be detrimental to a business. A liquor license is an expensive investment, so, understandably, it might be ideal to sell it in some situations. 

Since liquor licenses are in short supply in the state of Florida, selling your license can help benefit both you and another business. You can sell your license and make a return on your investment, all while helping another business get the license they need to boost their profit. 

Selling can make things easier for a business, especially with the correct help. During many months of the year, there is usually a waiting list for a liquor license, meaning you may not have to wait for your liquor license to sell.

If there are not any restaurants or businesses available to buy your liquor license, we can buy your license off of you. Liquor License Professionals will sell this license once a restaurant or company expresses interest in it. This option allows people to get immediate access to the funds they need while providing additional resources for restaurants in need. 

The Mediation Process

By selling with Liquor License Professionals, the business owner ensures that they quickly get the money they need. Many people assume that they can do the liquor license transfer without assistance. This assumption is incorrect, as many different facets of transferring a license are many business owners don’t know about when they start the process.

Business owners should work with liquor license professionals to ensure a smooth, straightforward transfer. Not only do liquor license professionals know the ins and outs of the liquor license process, but they are also aware of all of the nuances involved in the liquor license transfer and placement to a location.

At liquor license professionals, we can mediate between parties, ensuring that both business owners get what they have negotiated, with the new business owner starting in the right direction.

Mediation is necessary because it ensures that:
  • A qualified third party is overseeing the agreement and transfer process 
  • Both parties get what they are requesting in the Purchase and Sale Agreement 
  • The transfer process is legal, efficient, and quickly completed 
  • Participants follow all Florida laws and regulations
  • The liquor license transfers correctly, thoroughly, and adequately to a new owner 

Why Consult With Liquor License Professionals?

Florida rules and regulations make navigating the liquor license transfer process seem challenging. As liquor license professionals, we can help the two businesses properly conduct the transfer. 

Liquor License Professionals’ expert team is highly knowledgeable about the liquor license transfer process. We can assist both business owners in completing the process fast and efficiently in the liquor license transfer.

We know the ins and outs of Florida Beverage laws and regulations to help any business navigate the many laws in play for Florida. Our team of professionals is here to help any business conduct their transfer of a liquor license legally.

Our knowledgeable team helps prevent enforcement issues and keeps both parties moving forward. We make sure they know the various conditions of the license transfer agreement and how to complete them.

The team at Liquor License Professionals will make sure both businesses have the paperwork in proper order needed to ensure a smooth liquor license transfer. 

Contact Liquor License Professionals

Whether you’re gearing up for summer by refinancing your liquor license or planning on selling your liquor license to turn a profit, Liquor License Professionals can help you every step of the way. 

With over 30 years of experience in the liquor license and hospitality industries, it’s safe to say our team knows the ins and outs of Florida liquor licenses and the hospitality industry.

Our direct experience in the hospitality industry can help your business start turning a profit from your liquor license this year. We always strive to help business owners create the business they’ve envisioned by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

To receive more info about what we offer, contact us by calling (321) 274-7104 or (386) 222-9668. Establishments and their Owners can also reach us by emailing 

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