Did You Know You Can Finance a Liquor License?

In the hospitality industry, having a liquor license is a valuable asset. It allows your business to serve alcohol and bring in additional revenue. However, acquiring a liquor license in Florida does not mean simply making a purchase on the market. The state regulates liquor licenses, and obtaining one can be complex. Furthermore, they are limited in number, depending on the size of a county and the type of license. Finally, they can be expensive to purchase outright if they are even available. But did you know that you can finance a liquor license?

Should I Own or Finance a Liquor License?

Owning a liquor license means that you purchase it in full, although you still have to renew it annually. To finance a liquor license means that you take out a loan to cover the asset’s cost and make payments on the loan over time. 

If you’re looking to obtain a liquor license without the significant payment outright, you may wonder if financing a liquor license is the right decision. There are a few things to consider when making this decision:

  • How long do you plan on owning the business?
  • What type of liquor license do you need?
  • Can you comfortably make monthly payments?
  • How important is it for you to have full ownership of the liquor license?
  • Owning a liquor license gives you the ability to sell it in the future if you decide to exit the alcohol business, which can provide a valuable source of capital for your company.
  • However, when you finance a liquor license, it allows you to spread out the cost of the asset over time, making acquiring a liquor license more affordable for your business, especially for a startup.

With all the regulations and fees associated with liquor licenses, it’s crucial to understand the options available to you. Ultimately, the decision to own or finance a liquor license outright is one that you should make with the help of an experienced professional.

Your Liquor License Broker

Liquor License Professionals offers liquor license financing services to buy a liquor license in Florida or refinance one.

  • All financing provided is based on the current liquor license values for the county in which the liquor license is issued.
  • The client’s credit, time in business, or business location has no bearing on the loan amount, interest rate, or terms provided.
  • Our liquor license financing offers clients the flexibility of interest rate, repayment terms, and prompt closing to fit their financial needs.
  • Liquor License Professionals has financing with variable interest rates and possible closing within seven days of us providing an Estimate of Closing Costs outlining the related terms, rates, and costs for the proposed liquor license loan. 
  • All loan documents are prepared by an attorney registered with the Florida Bar Association.
  • All earnest money deposits and funds to close are retained in a legal trust account until all transactions have been completed.
  • Refinancing options are available.

What Liquor Licenses Are Available?

At Liquor License Professionals, we can assist you in locating someone who wants to sell their liquor license. We’ll be right in the midst of the legal and negotiation procedure to get that license signed over to you.

We’ve been in the Florida licensing and hospitality business for decades and are always keeping an eye out for new liquor license prospects. When you collaborate with us, we can point you toward the best and fastest way to secure or finance a liquor license for your business.

Contact Us

We want to make sure that growing and startup businesses that want to sell alcohol can find a way to do so. Liquor License Professionals offers different loan options to all of our clients, and our professional license specialists will work with you to meet your business needs and goals. We can help you determine the correct license for your business and identify loan terms that fit your budget.

For more information about the liquor license loan process, please call us at (321) 274-7104 or (386) 222-9668, or use our online contact form. We always make sure to get in touch with our clients as soon as possible. You can also email us at info@liquorlicenseprofessional.com.

Before you come to us, please be willing to share what kind of license you are interested in, what business you will likely be running, your location, and any relevant information on how you intend to sell alcohol. Thank you.

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