Liquor License For Brevard County, Florida

This helpful guide will help you manage the Brevard County Florida Liquor License process whether you are thinking about starting a new company or relocating to Brevard County Florida and want to sell alcohol. Even if you’re living in Brevard County, Florida, but want to extend your programs, make sure you’re setting yourself up for progress before you even start the application form. There are some important things to remember that will help to seamlessly run the start-up process. 

Beginning the process for liquor license applications

Each municipal jurisdiction within Florida (cities and counties) will have its own unique rules and standards for liquor licenses that may require additional applications to be filed within the municipality that has jurisdiction over your intended venue. You’ll need multiple forms of paperwork to acquire a liquor license when you continue the application process. At the state and local level, these forms are consistent, so that they will work for each county you are trying to operate in. Be sure you provide the following pieces of paperwork before beginning an application: 

  • Approval of municipal zoning
  • Fingerprinting 
  • For all principals, social security numbers, phone numbers, and emails, personal records.
  • Any records of crime
  • Occupancy Right
  • Control contracts
  • Floor plan sketch for the establishment
  • Sales and Use tax registration from the Department of Revenue of Florida
  • Registration form number from the state of Florida
  • Identification Number of the federal employer

Choosing the right liquor license

It can be difficult to negotiate the endless number of available permits. You will help decide the right form of license for your establishment by contacting an expert at Liquor License Professionals. And if your company only serves on-site beer and wine, you can have market growth ideas that involve multiple forms of alcohol sales for the future. It could be more fitting from the get-go to pick a permit that helps the organization to grow and adapt rather than reapplying for a new license down the road.

Brevard County liquor license brokers

Here at Liquor License Professionals, we are waiting by and able to assist until this paperwork has been compiled and the application has been filled out. Before sending your submission, let us know if you have questions. 

The Florida Division of Alcoholic Drinks and Tobacco provides a wide range of available licenses and permits for alcoholic beverages. Based on the kind of organization you manage, these permits differ. We are here to help you save time and concentrate on your job, events, and ads, regardless of what kind of license your Brevard County Florida business needs. Today, contact us.

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