March Madness is here. One of the most significant drinking months of the year has arrived. While 2020 may have been a rough year for many businesses that made their money from alcohol sales in March, this year will be different with much of the state of Florida open and ready.

March 2020 was a dark period for many businesses because they had to watch as customers fled to their homes. Shutdowns happened all over the country, leading to the cancellation of massive events like the NCAA Tournament. These shutdowns even forced a handful of businesses to shut their doors.

However, March 2021 is looking up. The NCAA Tournament is going to happen, launching off a whole month’s worth of customers walking into bars to watch games. With bars open and games on TV, we’re going to see our usual Spring Break full of students coming to the state to blow off steam from school. This March Madness is an opportunity for the bounce-back that many establishments have been wanting for quite some time.

Take Advantage of March

Businesses are going to be using March Madness to their advantage. They’ll get everyone to their establishments to start earning a profit, making this month a prime opportunity to flip profits from the red into the black. The events that many of these establishments will be leaning on are:

  • The NCAA Tournament
  • Spring Break
  • St. Patrick’s Day

All of these can be considered unofficial drinking holidays and bring massive crowds to the Florida area. Even with events like the NCAA Tournament physically happening in Indiana, that doesn’t mean there won’t be parties or celebrations. These events are going to be taking place across all of Florida. Use this as an advantage and bring in the profits.

Is That Still Not Enough?

Unfortunately, March might not be enough for some establishments. For many, 2020 was too large a money sink to recover from, and others are discovering that the profits of a liquor license aren’t making up for losses. In these scenarios, it’s essential to understand the options available.

At Liquor License Professionals, we offer ways to turn your license into a profit. March should be the opportunity many establishments have been waiting for to make profits. If it’s looking like that won’t be the case, then use this as the opportunity to:

  • Refinance a License
  • Sell a License
  • Seek Out Hospitality Business Consulting

Not everyone needs a liquor license. Sometimes it’s okay to accept that and restructure a business. At Liquor License Professionals, we can help establishments understand that.

Refinance a License

For some businesses, the license itself is the cost is where the money sink is coming from. These licenses are expensive, and sometimes that means re-financing is necessary. Our re-financing services will help struggling businesses restructure their licenses so they’re more affordable, or if the license has gone up in value, it can lead to a rise in funds.

Sell a License

When business is struggling and an establishment needs a burst in profits, selling a license may be for the best. Whether that business is shutting its doors for good or needs to restructure the company, selling is the perfect way to earn back some capital.

At Liquor License Professionals, we assist with the sales process. We buy the license ourselves or, or we’ll find another establishment that is seeking to purchase a license. For establishments that choose the latter, we assist them with the mediation process. We’re experts in this field and understand the market better than anyone. We always find sale prices that are fair in value.

Hospitality Business Consulting

Some establishments don’t need to refinance or sell a license, they simply need to restructure how the business itself functions. These businesses typically struggle due to poor business practices and can fix these bad habits with some hard work and consultation.  

Liquor License Professionals offers hospitality consulting to assist establishments in discovering where their weaknesses lie. Sometimes the only way a business can succeed is by bringing in a third-party to point out where necessary improvements. 

Seeking out improvement shouldn’t only be for struggling establishments either. Even the most successful businesses are always seeking out ways to get better. Allow our consulting services to assist with this. 

Trust Liquor License Professionals

Want to know more about acquiring a liquor license in Florida? Then go through our team at Liquor License Professionals. Nobody understands the laws of each license better than we do. Our competitors will say they know the rules, but all they do is point clients in the wrong direction. Liquor License Professionals’ more significant expertise in this field makes us far more trustworthy.

For over 30 years, we have been providing knowledge and expertise in the hospitality industry. Businesses tell us their goals, and we help them reach them.

For some establishments, those goals are to be profitable in 2021. By providing liquor license services in Florida, we can assist with that. 

Contact Us

The madness of March is here, and it’s an exciting time for everyone. However, for some, this is just another month in the red, and restructuring is critical. Sometimes that’s selling a license, re-financing to potentially save costs, or using our hospitality business consulting. No matter the business’s choice, we’re here to help.

To receive more info about what we offer, contact us either by calling (321) 274-7104 or (386) 222-9668. Establishments and their owners can also reach us by sending an email to; 

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