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Liquor License Professionals is committed to helping your establishment navigate the unpredictable, ever-changing, and often difficult initial process when it comes to startup. This all begins with the Florida Division of Corporations and the process of your fictitious business name filing. This is a multi-step process concerning several different agencies and is a vital step to your establishment becoming a reality. Our knowledgeable professionals will guide you in this process by outlining the needed steps, and working with you to navigate them.

A fictitious business name certificate is a legal document that shows the operating name of a company, as opposed to its legal name. A fictitious name is sometimes also referred to as a “doing business as” (DBA) name, or an assumed business name. Unless otherwise established, your business’s legal name will just be your own name as the business owner. Various states, counties, and industries will require you to register with a business name, and/or a fictitious name/DBA. It is important for a business owner to understand when these names are necessary, and the process required to obtain one.

Florida Business Name Filing
Florida Business Name Filing
Florida Business Name Filing

Why Should My Establishment File For A Fictitious Business Name?

A fictitious name allows your establishment to legally operate under a trade name as opposed to the business entity that appears on their original incorporation documents. For example, if John Smith LLC or Inc is in the process of establishing it’s restaurant, the fictitious name may be “Smith’s Bar & Grille”. A fictitious name / DBA can also help with visibility for marketing purposes, credibility and reputation among suppliers and potential customers in your community, and will help when opening business bank accounts.

Think about it this way. Would you rather eat at “Smith’s” or “Smiths’ Bar & Grille?” Even if they’re the exact same restaurant that provides the exact same services, one of these establishments has made it very clear in the name what they’re about. The other hasn’t. This is the benefit of a fictitious name.

This can even go beyond the restaurant industry. If you’re opening up a Liquor Store you may want to advertise that you offer a bar inside alongside the liquor you sell. So instead of being “Smith’s’ Liquor Store” you can be “Smith’s’ Tavern.” Customers come to a liquor store to shop. They come to a tavern to drink. Now they can do both at your establishment. 

When establishing a fictitious business name you gain:

  • Advertising benefits
  • Brand awareness and Labeling
  • Privacy of Trade Recipes’

What Does the Process Look Like?

Registering for a fictitious business name in the state of Florida is a multi-step process. First, one must apply with the Division of Corporations, registering the exact entity name you wish to use. This name is such as Company, Co., Corp, Inc, LLC, etc. This can only be done if no other one registrant is a business entity of that same or similar name. The application is then sent to be processed by the Division of Corporations, then after that is complete, the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN or EIN) is applied for and finally, the fictitious name (DBA) may be acquired. Now you are ready to commit to a location and be one step closer to opening your envisioned business.

How does Liquor License help?

Having a fictitious name is great for business because it can help you with marketing purposes, but how do we come into this? What we provide is an expertise in the Liquor License world that you are not going to find anywhere else. Maybe you aren’t sure how to best choose a fictitious name and are concerned that it will just lead to headaches down the road. We can provide you guidance on that. We do more than just help acquire new liquor licenses or purchase one available. We also provide hospitality support for new and existing business wanting to refresh their image.

We are experienced experts in this field so we can help you throughout the entire process. From acquiring a fictitious name, to how you will use it for your business image, we can provide you with guidance in the multiple steps. If you happen to need a liquor license then we can help you acquire one and the services placing it at your location. We are experienced, with the expertise in today’s hospitality industry and we helped our clients navigate through all aspects.

Even after you have opened your business location. if you ever have any questions about how your business can be performing better or how to tackle an obstacle, do not be afraid feel free to  call Liquor License Professionals for guidance. As experts in the hospitality industry, we always strive to provide a helping hand to anyone who is seeking it. We want everyone’s business to succeed and we will always show a willingness to help yours prosper and grow. 

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