Food License in Florida for Alcohol Establishments

Are you seeking a liquor license in the State of Florida? Do you need a resource that you can trust who will not only help you find a license to purchase but sell it later on if you need to? Then put your trust in the Liquor License Professionals located in Florida. Nobody understands Florida liquor licenses better.

Are you running a successful hospitality business, but you want to expand it even further? Many bars are successful by only serving alcohol, but sometimes there’s a desire to expand beyond that. Patrons want food and allowing them to bring food into the bar can keep them there longer, but it doesn’t always make up for the potential money lost in sales. You need a food license in Florida.

Serving food also puts you under different regulations than other bars. When the world changes you will see bars closed first and restaurants frequently closed last. The only difference being that one is considered a need by serving food and the other is considered a luxury because of just offering alcohol.

If you are an alcoholic beverages-only establishment and want to begin selling food this could be a good business move in getting a food license in Florida. It does come with other risks however such as food service regulations and inspector visits, but the potential gain is a different customer base that may choose to stay around and drink even longer. That is a major benefit of Food Licensing.

There are many benefits to acquiring a permanent food service license and selling alcohol. This goes beyond cost of course. These benefits include:


  • New customers that may stay longer
  • Different regulation requirements
  • Chance for variety of food and beverages
  • Cost factors and higher profits

For many establishments selling food is a profit measure as It may be cheaper to sell both food and alcohol instead of just alcohol. Not to mention that when you sell food you are bringing in a dinner crowd that will then stay around to continue drinking afterward.

If you are interested in acquiring a food service license along with your liquor license, or you are looking to purchase a license of any kind, then contact Liquor License Professionals. We can help you get the food license you need in Florida.

We’ll assist you through the process of acquiring your food license in Florida. We understand all that legal jargon and will assist you the entire way. We can even make recommendations on how you can improve your business.

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A quota license is a type of liquor license that allows the establishment the ability to serve beer, wine, and full liquor with consumption on premise or package sales. Being the most inclusive liquor licenses available, in the State of Florida. As mandated there are only a finite number of quota licenses available in any given county. This number is calculated by several factors including the size and population of the given county. So how are these licenses distributed? There are two options available to a business owner looking to purchase a quota license in the State of Florida.

Before you can begin selling food and alcohol on premises for consumption you need to first understand which licenses allow you to do this. Primarily what you will need is a consumption on premise with or without a package sales license. Of course you will also need a permanent food service license if food is part of your plan.


Permanent Food License in Florida

For this purpose, a business establishment may sell beer, wine, and liquor for consumption on the premises with this type of license. The drinks, however, may also be sold in sealed containers for consumption off-premises with the appropriate alcoholic beverage license. Annual license fees for this license will vary based on the County of issue.

So if you are a bar that has been shut down where restaurants are open and you find a need to sell your current license. Work with us and we can get that process started so you can start selling both food and alcohol on-premises or assist you in liquidation of your liquor license.


Potential Costs

Be wary however that this is not a one to one process. Just because you start selling food doesn’t mean there are no potential downsides. You now have to follow food regulation laws and that means health inspectors are going to be expecting you to follow new kinds of rules and regulations.

There is also the possibility that selling food turns into a loss. You have to buy your supplies and if you aren’t selling them then you are essentially wasting money. Ensure that you properly invest in the restaurant portion of your sales. If you don’t then you could take this potential boom and turn it into a bust.


Looking To Sell?

Did closing your bar hurt your business beyond repair? Do you feel that the only way to really get out of this is to take what you have and collect on it? Then maybe consider selling your liquor license. At Liquor License Professional we can help you find a buyer for your license and get you a fair return on the deal itself.


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Liquor & Food Licensing Brokers In Florida

As mentioned before, all liquor licenses acquired are issued and suitable for use within the county of the business location. Any Purchase or Sale transactions are conducted with the assistance of qualified Attorney Licensed with the Florida Bar Association and registered in the State of Florida having knowledge with the requirements of transferring a Florida liquor license as a Closing / Escrow Agent. With this in mind, Liquor License Professionals offers their clients assistance with the Application for Transfer of Ownership at “NO” added cost to the Buyer of any “Quota – Series” liquor license. By doing so, it allows the client to attend to the details of the requirements for the sale of full liquor in their existing or new establishment. So if you’re looking to buy or sell your liquor licenses with trusted liquor license brokers serving all of Florida, contact or email Liquor License Professionals today!