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What Do Our Consultants Do?

Here at Liquor License Professionals, our hospitality business consulting services offer assistance in obtaining a dream. Opening a business involves multiple steps. There are essential areas that must be analyzed and improved upon within the workplace prior to construction or opening, and it can be a difficult task or challenge alone. Be it a bar, nightclub, restaurant, hotel, or other styles of establishment, it is important to have professional counsel at your side. With hospitality business consulting, our consultants can help you:

  • Make a Plan: With our knowledge of how the market and outside marketplace works, we can help you plan your dream establishment so as to stay cost-effective, within the required regulations, and much more.
  • Regulations & Standards: Our hospitality business consultants are well-versed in the required regulations and standards of the hospitality industry, which are constantly changing or being modified by the government. Let us help you over the hurdles.
  • Obtaining Licensing: Alongside our industry expertise, Liquor License Professionals offers an array of services to help you obtain your liquor license and related other licenses, we are always available to discuss and meet your needs.

Service And Hospitality Businesses Share A Few Common Characteristics

They live or die by customer service

It doesn’t matter whether your business focuses on events, transportation, food, lodging, or something else; you must provide excellent customer service, or your business will ultimately fail.

Providing excellent customer service is at the end of the day a fairly easy endeavor. Many businesses think it’s as much as just putting on a smile and doing what the customer requests, but there is so much more to it than that. You need to be quick, accommodating, yet effective.

Allow us to take a look at your business and see where it can be improved. Maybe your staff is incredibly friendly to a fault and it’s leading to something like food not getting out as quickly as it should. For example, it could be because they’re too busy chatting, or maybe it’s the other way around. You could be so focused on chatting that you are letting it impact your daily workflow. There are always to improve your business that you should be taking advantage of. 

Consequently, the best way to find these improvements is by bringing in a second pair of eyes to look at it. You have natural biases that will exist within your company. We have no biases beyond helping you improve.

They are cyclical

When consumers and businesses are spending, service and hospitality businesses do very well. When the economy tanks, they tend to suffer. This is why it’s important to have a strong base because as your customers make sacrifices in their life they may be more willing to not include you in those sacrifices.

Additionally, staying on the positive side also means that when the economy improves these same people will be willing to come back. You can do your best to fight against this cyclical nature as well by just generally running your business well. When the economy fails the greatest businesses always manage to stay ahead.

They use technology, but people are the heart of the business

Service and hospitality businesses are relatively labor intensive. With the right people, your business will thrive; with the wrong people, it may not even survive. Therefore, when you find great employees you want to treat them in a way that will keep them happy with you. 

Great employees will benefit you over time. These are the people your business are built on. As a result, if you treat your employees well then your employees will treat you well. It’s a give and take and requires a delicate balance.

Benefits of Hospitality Business Consulting

There are more benefits to hiring a consultant for your hospitality business needs than simply making a plan and obtaining a liquor license. Having a fresh pair of eyes looking at your business plan and goals can help you remain on task. At the same time, valuable market insight can help your establishment maximize its efficiency allowing you to reach the goals envisioned.

Hiring a hospitality business consultant is a great choice if you’re looking to optimize your establishment and take it to the next level.

  • Handle Planning Time: As an owner, it may be hard to find time in your busy schedule to effectively plan and execute preparations for your establishment. Here at Liquor License Professionals, our hospitality business consultants can alleviate a lot of burden. It’s our job to devote time towards the research and data so as to weigh potential options. In doing so, we can help ready your establishment to accomplish its goals.
  • Professional Skill Set: The industry is constantly changing. Our job at Liquor License Professionals is to keep up with current trends and business strategies in the hospitality industry so as to offer clients insight when planning for their establishment.
  • Market Insight: Here at Liquor License Professionals we are familiar with the surrounding market trends. This knowledge allows us to offer advice that may help you outperform competitors, maximize efficiency for your establishment, and attract a greater amount of customers.
  • Fresh Eyes: When you invest time and resources into a project, sometimes it becomes hard to distinguish what is left on your check-list or overlooked. Similar to why authors hire editors to guide the flow of the story or provide that final sweep for anything gone awry, a business should consider a consultant to be their editor doing the same. As subject experts, we can help you identify remaining check-list items and bring to light what may have been overlooked.
  • Save Time Overall: Liquor License Professionals has extensive experience pertaining to the hospitality industry and its needs. Our knowledge and expertise of the process can streamline to-do lists so that your business can run sooner rather than later.

What Are Cost Consulting Services?

It can be difficult to identify the most efficient way to spend money when growing your business. This is especially true for new owners. The role of cost consulting is to help an establishment manage its expenses. Sometimes, organizations do not have the time or resources to properly manage tasks such as bookkeeping, invoicing, and managing providers. We are here to help! It is important to us to make sure you are getting the most out of your money.

In addition, we can help you establish cost consulting best practices within your establishment, and determine areas to cut costs. Examples of key areas your establishment may be overspending in are waste management, energy costs, and managing telecom expenses. Establishments often don’t realize how much they are spending on waste management, energy costs, or even the upkeep of your wireless voice and data environment. Count on our team at Liquor License Professionals. We can help you cut down on those costs by streamlining your internal business and cost operations.

Cut your costs for refrigeration, storage, cleaning products, and smallwares as well. We ensure that your equipment maintains an appropriate electrical output to manage costs. We also confirm that your business complies with the American Disabilities Act. As well as checking that your services align with Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco, Division of Hotels & Restaurants and Florida Health Codes.

Who Can You Contact?

With over 30 years of experience in operating and licensing of the hospitality establishments in the industry, Liquor License Professionals are true subject experts when it comes to hospitality business consulting. Our goal is to help you achieve your business goals as you have envisioned, so that you may see your dreams flourish the way you have expected. As a Trusted Source in Florida, the success and satisfaction of our clients are our priority at all times.

With years of direct operations experience, Liquor License Professionals are able to advise business owners and operators in the industry by offering hospitality business consulting. Planning and forecasting, analysis, obtaining license, regulations, and standards are just some of the services we can provide. To help you reach that satisfaction we come in with a mindset of looking to improve. We aren’t looking for faults, but ways to take what you do great and make it better. This means that we want who we work with to be open to change and willing to accept that there is always room for improvement.

A business that is failing can be improved. A business that is treading water can be improved. Any business that is successful can be improved. A business that refuses to acknowledge it can improve will fail. For this reason, you must always be looking for ways to take what you do and improve upon it. Any improvements you make will be beneficial for you in the long run. If you trust us to help you we may be able to help you improve your business. Hospitality is a tough industry, but we can help you in it

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