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Why Work With a Liquor License Broker?

Why do you need to hire a professional liquor license broker to help you buy or sell a liquor license for your Florida business? At Liquor License Professionals, we collaborate and advise all stakeholders, from the establishment owners to higher-level franchise developers and attorneys, at any level of the acquisition process. When buying or selling a liquor license, it is essential to be working with the correct purchase agreement. Otherwise, you may be at risk of experiencing pitfalls that the business industry is notorious for. While possible to do alone, negotiating a purchase agreement that reasonably protects both parties requires careful consideration and experience. Your purchase agreement should clearly state:

  • The location of your establishment and your license number.
  • The purchase and sell agreement, outlining all properties involved. 
  • The total purchase price to be paid by the purchaser.
  • The bill of sale or escrow outlining how the money will be handled and deposited.
  • Settlements of accounts.
  • Purchaser’s warranty.
  • Other legal documents such as disapproval of failure, risk of loss, binding effects, and arbitration.

Liquor License Broker Services & Benefits

Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

The alcoholic beverage industry is governed by complex regulations and frameworks varying by state. Partnering with a professional liquor license broker in Florida will keep you from costly yet avoidable mistakes. These mistakes often lie in business licensing, permitting, and regulatory compliance. Something as simple as the seller using the buyer’s newly acquired license during the post-closing process can lead to enforcement action taken upon the buyer and seller unless otherwise stated in the agreement.

Mediate Between Buyers and Sellers

Having a professional liquor license broker is having an invaluable resource. With our knowledge of local and state regulations, we can mediate and expedite the buying and selling process for you and all parties involved. From partnering with the seller to finding a motivated and qualified buyer to signing the papers, our liquor license broker at Liquor License Professionals will ensure that both parties receive what they are entitled to as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Facilitate the Transfer Process

Upon closing, Liquor License Professionals will ensure that the transfer of ownership is properly documented, all fees from both parties are satisfied, and a transfer application packet is properly filled out and submitted to the Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco Division of the DBPR.

Ensure An Effective Purchase Agreement

You will need a purchase agreement that serves both the seller and the buyer in the best way possible. This agreement must protect both parties accurately and promptly. Each party should get exactly what they are entitled to, and the agreement itself should detail the necessary steps, timelines, and closing procedures accurately. Generally, drafting an effective purchase agreement comes with years of experience.

Our liquor license brokers can help you ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • A clear time period that the seller should expect the liquor license to be listed.
  • Assurance for the seller that they can negotiate with another prospective buyer before beginning any paperwork.
  • Assurance that the buyer has a “locked-in” license that will be available and secured by the promised closing date.
  • Assurance for the seller that they are working with a motivated and capable buyer.
  • Confirmation that the buyer is committed to the transaction.
  • Proper assistance in submitting the transfer application packet.
  • Being an experienced ally for the buyer through the completion of the transfer process and beyond, if necessary.

Help Grow Your Business

We want to make sure that growing and startup businesses that want to sell alcohol on-premises can find a way to do so. Liquor License Professionals offers different loan options to all of our clients to meet your business needs and goals. We can help you determine the correct license for your business and identify loan terms that fit your budget.

Contact Our Florida Liquor License Brokers to Get Started

For more information about the liquor license buying, selling, or loan process, feel free to give us a call at (407) 966-1818, or use our online contact form. We always make sure to get in touch with our clients as soon as possible. You can also email us at

Before you contact Liquor License Professionals, please be willing to share what kind of liquor license you are interested in, what business you likely will be running, your location, and any relevant information on how you intend to sell alcohol. Thank you.

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