In the state of Florida, all establishments that are defined as a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products to retailers by section 212.133 of the Florida Statutes. As part of Florida liquor license laws, each of these suppliers is required to file an information report detailing their monthly, quarterly and annual sales.

Florida Liquor License Laws
Florida Liquor License Laws
Florida Liquor License Laws

What Constitutes a Retailer?

A retailer is a person who is in the business of making sales at retail for the consumer level. Retailers will have a license that is pursuant to chapters 561 – 565. If you are selling of products for individual consumption on-premises or off-premises. If your products are being resold, you are required to submit a monthly or quarterly sales report.

Best Practices For Florida Liquor License Laws & Reporting

The reporting period for these reports monthly is due on the 1st of the month, late after the 21st of the month, with the annual report due June 30th, being late after July 1st. All reports must be completed within these dates, and will be considered delinquent if still outstanding after the later date for each report. We recommend they be filed electronically using the related Florida Reporting System. From this point, you may import a file to complete your report, or complete your report by manually entering the data if you prefer submitting by mail.

Health Code Standards:

Bacteria is the leading cause of foodborne illness, making it critical that your Establishment is equipped with the proper tools and equipment. This bacteria can be easily spread in incorrectly sized refrigerators, freezers, or storage. It is also important that when planning your Establishment you are implementing the proper cleaning and sanitation equipment. These tools will be key for passing food safety or health inspections, obtaining your liquor license and becoming a successful establishment.

Requirements of Content

Each report must include: The seller’s name, the seller’s license or tobacco permit number, the retailer’s name or names, the retailer’s beverage license or tobacco permit number, the retailer’s street address, city, state, and ZIP code, the type of item being sold for retail (i.e. cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, beer, wine, spirits), the net monthly sales to each retailer in total dollars.

This information is crucial after filing your tax reports with the Florida Department of Revenue. Our team at Liquor License Professionals are here to support you and your business needs. These processes can often be complex, are ever-changing, and can be extremely difficult to navigate alone. Liquor License Professionals specialize in assisting our clients through these complex processes. Our goal is to protect your interests when it comes to Florida liquor license laws aggressively and intelligently and help them to forge the establishment of your dreams. Contact Liquor License Professionals today to ensure you are on the right track, and filing your report properly with the Department of Revenue.


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