Liquor License Professionals offers liquor license loans and financing services to Buy – Sell – Finance a liquor licenses in Florida. All financing provided is based upon the current liquor license value for the County the liquor license is issued in. The Client’s personal credit, time in business or location of the business has no bearing on the loan amount, interest rate, or terms provided.

Liquor license financing provided offer’s the Client a flexibility of interest rate, repayment terms and prompt closing to, fit their financial needs within there business operating budget. Liquor License Professionals has financing with interest rates from 8.5% APR and closing possible within 7 days of providing a “Estimate of Closing Cost” outlining the related terms, rates and costs for the proposed liquor license loans being requested prior to signing a Contract of Purchase or Commitment to Financing. All loan documents are prepared by an Attorney registered with the Florida Bar Association. With all earnest money deposits and funds to close retained in the Attorney’s Trust Account until the transactions legal completion.

What Does Having A Liquor License Mean?

Do you run a successful business or bar? Are you starting one? Maybe you’re opening a business and would like to sell alcohol. If so, then you likely already know that you need to look into a liquor license for your business. It is required by law to have a liquor license of some kind to sell alcohol at an establishment.

There are levels in your liquor license. And so, how much they cost will largely depend on what kind of alcohol you are selling. If you are a restaurant that is trying to sell beer and wine that can be consumed on-premises then your license will be more expensive than for others. For example, a grocery store that is trying to sell packaged alcohol that is intended to be consumed off-premises.

For anyone that has an interest in selling actual liquor, then there are additional expenses and rules that need to be understood and learned about.

If you have questions about the kinds of licenses and what these licenses mean then check out our Buy or Sell page where we give extra details on these rules.

Why Take Out Liquor License Loans?

The licenses to sell alcohol in Florida are expensive. One of the more inexpensive ones still costs well over $1000. If you have the ability to pay for that outright then that’s great. However, as you look at different licenses they grow more expensive. At some point, unless you are okay spending a large amount of money in bulk, you are more than likely going to want to take out a loan.

The type of loan and license you take out will depend on how you want to apply your business strategy. You can always start off with a smaller license. Then eventually work your way up to one of the more expensive ones after you have seen success. Or you can take out a larger loan and make the jump to one of the more expensive ones right away.

Of course, if you are opening up a standalone liquor store then you probably don’t have much choice but to take the larger loan. After all, your entire business strategy is built on selling liquor. Therefore, anything that is preventing you from doing that is harmful to your business.

How Will My Loan Work?

When you take out a loan with those of us at Liquor License Professionals, it will work just like when you take out any other loan. We will help establish a payment plan, overall cost, interest rate, and look into your business credit. Our goal however is to get you selling alcohol in whatever capacity you are seeking, as soon as possible. We want to make the process easier for you. Not more difficult.

We will work with you to reach a loan option that is most beneficial to the needs of your business and goal.

Can I Re-Finance My Liquor License?

What if you are halfway through paying off your license and you realize that it’s just not working out? Maybe the cost of the alcohol plus the license is bleeding more money than it’s bringing in. Or maybe you just need to drop down to a different less expensive kind of license. Then we can work with you to help you change your license status, sell your license, or in some cases re-finance it.

If your business has taken a hit, but you fully expect it to rise back up over time, then you may want to look into a re-financing option. This option will allow you to make smaller payments over a longer period of time. Be aware though that this kind of refinancing will have a negative impact on your business credit score and could lead to higher interest rates. 

Of course, if you are in a situation where you are losing money and might not be able to pay your liquor license fees, then refinancing might just be the best option for you no matter what. It’s better to accept the credit hit and not be late on payments than it is to be late on payments, take the credit hit, and end up refinancing anyway. 

What If There Are No Licenses Available?

In Florida, there are a limited number of licenses available to a specific county. If there are too many licenses currently in use, then you have to wait for someone to let their license expire and not renew it. Or you might have to wait for someone to sell their license.

At Liquor License Professionals we can help you through the process of finding someone that would like to sell their license. We’ll be in the middle of the negotiation and legal process of having that license signed over to you. 

We are always keeping our ear to the ground on potential openings for liquor license opportunities. You just need to work with us and we can point you in the direction on how you can start selling alcohol for your business.

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We want to make sure that businesses who desire the ability to sell alcohol on-premises can find a way to do so. Liquor License Professionals offers a choice of loan options to clients, working to meet their needs and business goals. Through this, we are able to do more than just provide a loan. However, typically when seeking a license, the first step will be a loan.

If you want your business to gain the ability to sell alcohol, then work with us at Liquor License professionals. We can get you pointed in the right direction on taking out a loan. Help you determine what license you want to take out a loan for, and what to do after the loan has been taken. 

If you have more questions about the liquor license loan process then feel free to give us a call or use our online contact form! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Before you come to us, please be willing share what kind of license you are interested in, what location you will likely be running, and any relevant information to where you will be intending to sell alcohol. Thank you.



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