Liquor License Professionals services assist in solving the Client’s needs and resolving their business problems. The requirements of the industry are complex, ever changing and often time’s unpredictable. New Brands or Programs are constantly emerging with liquor license costs ever changing. The Industry itself is progressing and continually evolving through its growth. Our Client’s engage us to know-as well as-anticipate what those liquor license cost changes will mean to them for an acquisition. They look to us to protect their interests aggressively, intelligently and with the hospitality industry in mind. They demand that we understand the marketplace, opportunities and obstacles of a liquor license acquisition before them. Moreover they expect hands-on service from experienced hard working – deeply caring people. Boiling down to doing whatever it takes, regardless of how long it takes to resolve the issues.

Whether transferring a liquor license to a new owner, acquiring a liquor license for a new location or upgrading a liquor license at a existing location. Liquor License Professionals has the ability to assist in the licensing process and providing the services required at all levels, for all needs.

Services Available

  • Business Operations and Cost Consulting
  • Construction Design, Planing and Specification Services
  • Florida Division of Corporations; business & factious name filing.
  • Department of Revenue; application filings & tax settlements.
  • Liquor Licensing For Catered Events
  • City – County; Zoning, Conditional Use & Special Exception applications.
  • City – County; application for Tax Certificate or Occupational Licenses.
  • County Environmental Health; plan review & inspection.
  • Florida Department of Agriculture; application & inspection.
  • DBPR – Hotels & Restaurants; plan review & food service license applications.
  • DBPR – AB&T – application for bar, brew pub, liquor store & multiple locations.
  • DBPR – AB&T – application for Transfer of Ownership of a liquor license.

Liquor License Professionals is there to assist in the hospitality licensing requirements for current ventures and future needs making us a preferred choice in the hospitality industry.



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