Obtaining a liquor license is essential for any business looking to serve alcohol in Florida. Whether you are a bar owner or even just looking to throw an occasional party, the process of applying and getting approved for a liquor license can be confusing and overwhelming. From understanding the different types of licenses available to identifying what restrictions apply, Liquor License Professionals covers everything our clients need to know about getting a liquor license in Florida.

Liquor License Professionals is here to assist you with all of your liquor license needs. With the ever-changing requirements of the hospitality industry, we have an in-depth understanding of what it takes for each client’s business plan to thrive long term while remaining compliant.

We specialize in liquor license acquisitions, no matter the situation. In our experience, one of the most important factors to consider when acquiring a liquor license is the timeline. We have a well-developed process that we have perfected over the years to make sure our clients’ businesses are up and running as quickly as possible without any complications.

Whether transferring a liquor license to a new owner, acquiring a liquor license for a new location, or upgrading a liquor license at an existing location, Liquor License Professionals can assist in the licensing process and provide the services required at all levels, for all needs.

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Do you need a liquor license in Florida?

Liquor License Professionals is the go-to source for all your liquor license needs in Florida. We are experts in the field and can help you at every step, from finding the correct license to getting it approved. Let us take the hassle out of getting your business up and running.

With our help, you can get your business off to a flying start. We’ll make sure everything goes smoothly so you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Contact us today at for a free consultation about our services:

  • Licenses for Packaged Sale Liquor
  • Licenses for On-Premises Liquor Consumption
  • Quota License Acquisition
  • Liquor License Application
  • Liquor License Loans
  • Broker Services for Liquor License Selling
  • Hospitality Business Consulting & Cost Consulting
  • Business and Fictitious Name Filing
  • Food License Application
  • Health Inspection Consulting
  • Liquor Licensing For Catered Events
  • And more!


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