Liquor License Professionals will not only assist you in the acquisition of a liquor license but assist with the planning and specifications for construction of your Establishment with our business consultants. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly hospitality industry professionals will assist you in fulfilling your dream of owning a Hospitality Establishment, even if it is still just in the dream phase! Simply come to us with your vision and we will help to make it a reality by assisting and advising you on the design and planning aspect of the construction process while ensuring that your Establishment is compliant with all state and local standards.

Business Consultants in Florida
Business Consultants in Florida
Business Consultants in Florida

What Standards and Specifications Should I Be Aware of Space?

If you are planning to open an Establishment or looking to acquire a liquor license, it is imperative that you first check all state and local standards that may apply to ensure you are compliant. These standards may include setbacks from adjacent establishments, churches, schools, food safety or health code standards, compliance standards for the American Disabilities Act, and lastly equipment specifications. Among other things, these codes, standards, and specifications are put into place to ensure that your Establishment is a safe and healthy environment for all of your patrons and staff. A Hospitality Establishment that is not properly planned out by a professional may not conform to these codes or standards and will therefore not be in compliance for a liquor license to be placed.

Establishment Specifications:

Liquor License Professionals aids in the acquisition of liquor licenses for a variety of establishments with our business consultants. Whether you are seeking a liquor license for your bar, nightclub, liquor store, restaurant, hotel, golf course, or catering business, we can help you to achieve and plan a professional establishment compliant with all state and local standards. It is important to note that these standards may be based on your space’s use, maximum occupancy, address safety concerns and fire codes. We will help you to navigate how these standards may apply to your establishment during the planning and specification period.

Health Code Standards:

Bacteria is the leading cause of foodborne illness, making it critical that your Establishment is equipped with the proper tools and equipment. This bacteria can be easily spread in incorrectly sized refrigerators, freezers, or storage. It is also important that when planning your Establishment you are implementing the proper cleaning and sanitation equipment. These tools will be key for passing food safety or health inspections, obtaining your liquor license and becoming a successful establishment.

American Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards:

As an owner, you will need to plan for having employees and patrons in need of accessibility accommodations. You will need to ensure that internal equipment such as refrigerators, wine reserves, beverage centers, and freezers, as well as outside accommodations such as tables and chairs, are ADA compliant. This means that they are either larger, lower, or otherwise more accessible to someone who may have a disability.

Equipment Specifications:

Finally, it is important to note the equipment specifications for your Establishment based on the above factors and state-mandated guidelines, and ensure that your equipment is in compliance. Liquor License Professionals will assist you in determining these specifications and help you to plan accordingly. When planning an Establishment, consider the specifications of equipment such as:

  • Refrigeration
  • Cocktail Station and Under Bar Equipment
  • Back Bar Equipment
  • Walk-in Freezer or Coolers
  • Coolant Lines Glassware
  • Faucets
  • Beer Systems and Kegs
  • Waste Receptacles
  • Carbonators and Nitrogen Blenders
  • Cleaning Chemicals

You will need to take into account the equipment’s measurements, electrical requirements, and more when planning your Establishment. We recommend reviewing spec sheets prior to your purchase and consulting a professional.

Requirements within the hospitality industry are complex and ever-changing. Our professional design, planning and specification services will help you navigate these unpredictable and oftentimes overwhelming requirements while you plan out your dream location. Whether you are planning a simple brewpub for friends to gather and enjoy a high-end craft cocktail bar, or a stylish restaurant, our business consultants are here to protect your interest and your dreams and visions making it a reality with planning and specification services. Contact Liquor License Professionals for more information.


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