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Contact Liquor License Professionals for all of your Catering Liquor License needs. We are a team of full service Catering Liquor License brokers located in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}. We specialize in the unpredictable issues that come with buying or selling a Catering Liquor License for a new or existing establishment. With over 30 years in the Hospitality Industry, we are aware of the pitfalls one can experience in this ever-changing process. We strive to understand your goals, and then put our expertise to work to help you fully realize your vision. 

Event Liquor License
Event Liquor License
Event Liquor License

Catering Liquor License in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} for Events!

Weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties are just a few of the numerous types of events that someone may hire a caterer for. Therefore, it’s hard to imagine a wedding toast without champagne or a corporate event without a glass of wine. When a prospective client is choosing a catering service, the option to serve alcohol may be an added benefit. For some clients, it’s even a must.

A Catering Liquor License in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} is an essential tool for caterers looking to grow their business. Because it gives you the freedom to serve alcohol and allows you to have an edge over your competitors. A 13CT liquor license permits caterers licensed by Hotels and Restaurants to serve beer, wine, and liquor. At least 51% of your gross revenue must come from food and non-alcoholic drinks to qualify. In addition, caterers with a 13CT license are not allowed to store alcoholic beverages. This means that any alcoholic drinks that aren’t used at an event must be left with the customer or returned to the vendor. Another type of license a caterer may use is a quota license.

Why do you need this License?

A 13CT Catered event Liquor License from Florida requires caterers to sell and distribute all types of alcoholic drinks at a catered event where the “licensee also provides fresh food.” Your catering company would be unable to sell or distribute alcohol without this license, eliminating one of the most important benefit factors from your menu. Without the right to sell or serve alcohol, you are offering a distinct advantage to rivals in your business.

A Catered event Liquor License requires a couple of things within the application requirements which include disclaimers, fees, the actual application, fingerprints, disposition, and right of occupancy. You will also need approval from Hotels and Restaurants (H&R), Department of Revenue clearance (DOR), State Certificate of status, federal employer’s identification number (EIN), or social security number (SSN) if applicable.

Why Hire Professionals For My Catering Liquor License?

Handling the acquisition of a Catered Event Liquor License on your own can be a challenging process. There are many steps to obtaining a 13CT or a quota license. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the paperwork and not know where to begin. An experienced team like Liquor License Professionals has the knowledge and expertise to help you obtain your Catering Liquor License. By partnering with Liquor License Professionals, you will save time, money, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

  • Time: If you aren’t experienced and updated on the processes in obtaining an Event Liquor License, you will have to spend countless hours researching the steps to take. As a caterer, you should be focusing on your business, not spending your time looking up how to acquire a liquor license. 
  • Money: With all your time spent researching, you’re missing out on potential catering events that could turn into lifelong customers and more opportunities down the road.
  • Costly Mistakes: The alcoholic beverage industry is full of complex rules and regulations. It’s easy to forget a signature or miss a step in the acquisition process. At Liquor License Professionals, we have over 30 years in the industry and will keep you from making costly mistakes that could be avoided.

About Liquor Licence Professionals

We are a team of full-service liquor license brokers located in Orlando, Florida. At Liquor License Professionals, we can assist you in acquiring a liquor license for catered events. With over 30 years in the Hospitality Industry, we are aware of the pitfalls one can experience in this ever-changing process. 

We understand that the requirements of the liquor license industry are complex and can be difficult to maneuver. We strive to make sure that these requirements do not stop you from taking your catering business to the next level. Partner with Liquor License Professionals for hands-on assistance from a team of professionals with years of experience in the hospitality industry and liquor license acquisition and placement. As a Trusted Source in Florida, our priority is the success and satisfaction of our customers. 

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