Are you seeking a quota liquor license in the State of Florida? Do you need a resource that you can trust who will not only help you find a license to purchase but sell it later on if you need to? Then put your trust in the Liquor License Professionals located in Florida. Nobody understands Florida liquor licenses better.

A quota license is a type of liquor license that allows the establishment the ability to serve beer, wine, and full liquor with consumption on-premise or package sales. Being the most inclusive liquor licenses available, in the State of Florida. As mandated there are only a finite number of quota licenses available in any given county. This number is calculated by several factors including the size and population of the given county. So how are these licenses distributed? There are two options available to a business owner looking to purchase a quota license in the State of Florida.


Purchase A Quota License from Someone Seeking to Sell

Given that there is only a finite number of quota licenses available, an owner of an establishment cannot simply apply for one through the state and pay the fee. Instead, they will need to purchase one that already exists. These kinds of transactions are typically made through brokers who have availability from business owners who no longer need their license because they may be making a business change, retiring or closing their business. The cost to purchase this license is entirely dictated by the market values based upon recent sales and availability and is not set by the state or county. This is where Liquor License Professionals can assist you.

Not only can we help anyone who is trying to sell their license but we assist in the purchasing process of these licenses as well. The procedure for receiving a license in this manner can get complicated. There is, of course, a lot of legal work that needs to be done during the transfer process. This includes cost, financing if needed, date of transfer, fees, and legal work connected with closing the sale.

At Liquor License Professionals, we can help you with all of the complicated parts of the transfer process. We are here to be the support your needs in the sale or your purchase. We provide assistance in both and are very experienced at helping these deals go through smoothly without delays. We’ll work closely with you to make sure you get the best deal possible and that all the facets of the sale or purchase are properly handled.


Enter a Quota License Lottery Drawing

Annually new licenses become available, and are not directly acquired thru other businesses, they are released in a quota license lottery drawing. A drawing for new quota license is made annually, being awarded to counties showing a growth in population. In this drawing, hopeful business owners enter for a chance to be awarded a license. (Note: entering this lottery does not guarantee a license only a chance of being awarded one in the counties of growth.) With this entry comes several stipulations that an individual or business owner needs to be aware of when filling their application:


  • Entry form filing fee is $100.00
  • An activation fee can be as much as $10,000.00
  • An entrant can be an individual or a business, but is only allowed one entry per county
  • An entrant cannot be entered more than once within a given county
  • Entry must be submitted online, by mail, or by hand to the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco before the stated deadline

Entry forms will be accepted by the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco on the third Monday of August each year. From this date, forms can be submitted for up to 45 days. The team at Liquor License Professionals will help you to craft your application following the appropriate procedures and guidelines to ensure you have a fair chance at this opportunity and if you should win assisting in the activation or if the winner chooses the immediate sale of the license.


Why Choose Liquor License Professionals

At Liquor License Professionals we are a highly experienced team in the buying and selling of liquor licenses in the State of Florida. When buying or selling a liquor license, it is essential to be working with the correct resource to avoid the pitfalls that can be encountered in business. Liquor License Professionals can aid and properly advise you in navigating the negotiation process to reach a fair conclusion to benefit your business needs being well versed in the complex framework of the hospitality industry. Without a proper guide, it can be easy to fall into avoidable roadblocks that will delay your process and cost you tremendous amounts of money. Once the liquor license closing is complete, count on our team to wrap up any and all loose ends delivering your license to your location. Our team will ensure that the new ownership is properly documented, all fees are satisfied, and a transfer application packet is properly filled out and submitted to the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco.

Put your trust in Liquor License Professionals. Our expert team is here to make this process easier for you. There is nobody that understands the process here in Florida better than Liquor License Professionals. Don’t go outside the state to get your quota liquor license needs satisfied. They won’t understand the details of the laws in the State of Florida like we do and you may never actually meet them in person. Contact Liquor License Professionals, a trusted resource today to get started and have piece of mind.


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