When To Sell Your Liquor License

A liquor license can be expensive undertaking. It can also be a huge source of profit for your business. When you’re opening up a bar, restaurant, night club, etc there’s always the question of what alcoholic beverages to sell and to what level you want to sell them. Do you want to sell food? Do you want to sell beer? Do you want to sell wine? Or, do you want to sell full liquor? 

What you end up choosing will have a large impact on how much a liquor license is going to cost you and what type of liquor license to use. For many business owners, this is the most important decision they will make because if you aren’t successful it could lead to a massive hole in your sales figures and high start up costs. 

If you are in this situation where you bought a license and it’s not leading to the sales that you were hoping for you can always consider selling it. Selling your license is not a sign of failure. It’s a sign that you are acknowledging where your business can be more successful using a alternate method of licensing, at Liquor License Professionals we can ensure that you will receive a fair price if your selling a license and if buying not over paying for a license.

When seeking out buyers for your license you typically have multiple options. They include:

  • Other businesses needing a license
  • Individuals that wanting a license for a new business

If you are seeking a qualified broker to help you in searching for a buyer of your liquor license contact Liquor License Professionals a trust source in Florida.

Liquor License Professionals provides liquor licenses suitable for a variety of uses; Bars, Nightclubs, Lounges, Brew Pubs, Restaurants, Liquor Stores, Catering, Non-Profit Groups, Golf Courses, Public Event Centers and Hotels. All liquor licenses sold, transferred or placed are without encumbrance when passing to a new owner or newly issued from the state for their appropriate use. 

Through the years we have had many businesses looking to begin selling alcoholic beverages,  contacting us with hopes of either buying a liquor or looking to sell a liquor license. Let us help you with your needs.

If you have questions about the process of how to get started selling a liquor license, or about purchasing a liquor license then feel free to give us a call at (321) 274-7104 or (904) 377-7610. You can also send an email to info@liquorlicenseprofessionals.com

Selling Your Liquor License

In Florida, there is a limited amount of licenses in each county. When this is the case you have to seek out sellers that are already in possession of a license.

At Liquor License Professionals we can assist you in finding a buyer for your license. What liquor licenses are available will largely depend on the county your business is located in and costs will vary on demand or availability. 

Don’t Want To Wait? Sell To Us

If you are seeking to sell your liquor license but are unable to wait, then you can always sell to us. We will not only act as a broker between you and other liquor license buyers, but we can purchase your license from you to ensure a fast, fair sale for it. From that point on it will be out of your hands and we have the burden to work on finding a buyer over time. This way you can obtain immediate funds to proceed with your business.

Reasons To Sell

Unsure if you should sell? Let us help you access a direction that may help. Things to consider for selling your liquor license, signs may include:

  • Small or Poor bottom line profits
  • Alcoholic Beverage sales are resulting in losses
  • No gain in sales from providing full liquor
  • Rebranding or a effort to change the business image
  • Changes in the general business structure

Liquor License Brokers In Florida

As mentioned before, all liquor licenses acquired are issued and suitable for use within the county of the business location. Any Purchase or Sale transactions are conducted with the assistance of qualified Attorney Licensed with the Florida Bar Association and registered in the State of Florida having knowledge with the requirements of transferring a Florida liquor license as a Closing / Escrow Agent. With this in mind, Liquor License Professionals offers their clients assistance with the Application for Transfer of Ownership at “NO” added cost to the Buyer of any “Quota – Series” liquor license provided by us. By doing so, it allows the client to attend to the details of the requirements for the sale of full liquor in their existing or new establishment. So if you’re looking to buy or sell your liquor licenses work with a trusted source of Florida liquor licenses, contact Liquor License Professionals today!

Email: info@liquorlicenseprofessional.com