The special restaurant license, sometimes referred to as an SRX license, allows an establishment to offer beer and wine, as well as liquor sales. As the name suggests, these licenses are designed specifically for restaurants looking to make alcohol sales. Special Restaurant License acquisition is done directly through the state, this makes the process easier and in many cases less expensive to obtain, but only if your establishment meets the requirements and criteria. In order to obtain this type of liquor license, your establishment must meet specific size and operation requirements that may vary from county to county.

Typically, to obtain an SRX license, a restaurant must:


  • A bona fide restaurant consisting of 2,500 up to 5,000 square feet of floor space under a permanent cover*
  • Maintain seating and equipment for serving 150 up to 250 patrons at tables at one time*
  • Derive at least 51% of its gross revenue from the sale of food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Offer full course meals at all times that alcoholic beverages are being served.
  • Make no package sales of alcoholic beverages whatsoever

Please note that the number values of square footage requirements, and seating requirements may vary based on county. These numbers are often dictated by the size of the county and it’s population. On an individual level, counties may also impose their own requirements and special acts to obtain a special restaurant license, as they are governed individually. In order to receive the most accurate and specific information, we recommend contacting the county district office prior to applying.

Partner with our talented team for advising and support on every step of your liquor license acquisition process. When you are ready to apply, we will help you to ensure the process is done quickly and efficiently. When creating an application to purchase a special restaurant license, it is imperative that all of your facts are straight, and your records are in order. We encourage you to perform prior research to determine your county’s specific stipulations for restaurants. Once you have determined these requirements, a professional from our team can assist you in producing the correct documentation to show gross revenue sales, seating, and square footage. Our team at Liquor License Professionals will properly advise you on the steps that need to be taken for an efficient approval, and navigate the cost of your new license. These costs are broken up into an annual licensing fee depending on the county. We also provide support when managing these fees and providing the appropriate reporting that they require for tax purposes.


Liquor License Professionals

Liquor License Professionals are a highly experienced team in the buying and selling of liquor licenses in the State of Florida. When buying or selling a liquor license, it is essential to be working with the correct resource to avoid the pitfalls that can be encountered in business. Liquor License Professionals can aid and properly advise you in the acquisition process of obtaining a Special Restaurant Liquor License, being well versed in the complex framework of the hospitality industry, Without a proper guide, it can be easy to fall into avoidable roadblocks that will delay your process and cost you tremendous amounts of money. Once the license closing is complete, count on our team to wrap up any and all loose ends delivering your license to your location. Our team will ensure that the new ownership is properly documented, all fees are satisfied, and a transfer application packet is properly filled out and submitted to the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco.

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